DRI's big action against smugglers, 6 arrested, gold worth rs 7 crore seized

Jul 17 2020 04:04 PM
DRI's big action against smugglers, 6 arrested, gold worth rs 7 crore seized

New Delhi: Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) received inputs from intelligence sources that some smugglers from Myanmar are bringing gold to India by bus. After which, based on the input, the team first stopped a bus at Jewar toll plaza near Delhi and arrested two people from it. DRI has seized 4.98 kg of gold from the possession of both of them. Both these accused were going from Guwahati to Siliguri, Bihar's capital Patna.

After receiving the intelligence input, the DRI team laid a trap and caught two people at the bus station in Siliguri and seized 30 gold biscuits from their possession. The weight of the recovered gold is said to be about 4.98 kg. At the same time, both these accused were in favor of going from Siligadi to Patna. After this, the DRI has again arrested two people at Patna bus station in Bihar. Both these accused reached Patna via Siliguri from Guwahati. DRI has also recovered 24 biscuits of illegal gold from them, which weighs about 3.982 kg.

Thus, the DRI raided three places simultaneously and arrested 6 people and seized about 14 kg of gold from them. The cost of which is estimated at 7 crores. According to the DRI's investigation, the gold was smuggled from the neighboring country of Myanmar to India and was smuggled via bus because during the Corona period, checkings were being reduced in governmental means and the smugglers wanted to take advantage of this.

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