Drug Peddlers Arrested, 30kg Cannabis Seized in Guwahati
Drug Peddlers Arrested, 30kg Cannabis Seized in Guwahati

ASSAM: In a significant breakthrough, law enforcement authorities in Guwahati, Assam, arrested three suspected drug peddlers on Saturday. The operation, a joint effort by the Special Task Force (STF) and local police, took place in the Khanapara area. Acting on specific information, the officials were able to seize a staggering 30 kilograms of contraband from the possession of the arrested individuals.

The collaborative operation conducted by the STF and the police proved successful as they apprehended three drug peddlers involved in the illicit drug trade. The suspects were found in possession of a substantial 30 kilograms of cannabis, which is estimated to hold a value of approximately Rs 15 lakh in the international market.

Investigations revealed that the seized cannabis was being transported from Karimganj to Baihata Chariali in the Kamrup district. This discovery sheds light on the extent and reach of the drug network operating in the region. The authorities were quick to act, preventing the narcotics from reaching their intended destination.

The arrested individuals, along with the confiscated cannabis, were promptly handed over to the Guwahati Police for further investigation. The law enforcement agency will initiate an in-depth inquiry into the matter, registering a case under the appropriate sections of the law. This approach aims to ensure a comprehensive and lawful pursuit of justice.

The successful operation in Guwahati reflects the commitment and diligence of the police and STF in combatting drug trafficking in the region. Their collaborative efforts and reliance on actionable intelligence played a pivotal role in disrupting this particular drug operation.

Joint operations involving specialized units like the STF and the local police are vital in combating organized crime. Sharing resources, expertise, and intelligence between agencies enables a more comprehensive and effective response to criminal activities.

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