Coronavirus will bring a big change in the country

Jun 03 2020 12:18 PM
Coronavirus will bring a big change in the country

The epidemic coronavirus has put the world in crisis, but when the world recovers from this crisis, many changes will also come. These changes will be clearly visible in any country and also on the global economy. These changes will open a new path for the development of the country and the world. 

Because of this crisis, the country will focus on preparing a strategy to deal with such an epidemic in future. Due to this, not only will the infrastructure have to be prepared for it, but some other things will also have to be taken care of. The rule of economics will be fully applicable here. This means that if a country starts implementing a strategy to fight this kind of epidemic, then it will have to prepare many things around it. This will create new jobs.

Apart from this, the unemployment rate will come down and development will get momentum. Development of that area will also be possible in preparing the infrastructure. It is possible in the future that health services will be better than ever. The immune system of the people will also be strong. A glimpse of this is seen in China. The Corona crisis taught to us that distance can also become a great way to prevent any disease. This is the reason that in the coming time, it is possible that most of the global and national regional level meetings should also be held through video conferencing. The communication system has to be improved not only in one country but also in other countries. This medium will not only prove to be helpful in providing employment to the people but also at the local level, it will speed up the development of a country.

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