Controversy starts with 20 dollar note and ended at 'George Floyd' life

Jun 03 2020 11:56 AM
Controversy starts with 20 dollar note and ended at 'George Floyd' life

Washington: In the US, there has been a fierce panic due to the death of black George Floyd in police custody. Following George's death, fierce protests are taking place across America, killing at least five people and arresting more than four thousand people and damaging billions of dollars of property. Even violent protests outside the White House led President Donald Trump to the bunker. George Floyd has become a symbol of justice and equality in America.

On 25 May, when police arrested black George Floyd, he said he was having trouble breathing. He died in police custody. The video later spread like fire on social media across America. After this, a series of violent demonstrations started across America. George Floyd, a 46-year-old black citizen, belonged to the African American community. He was born in North Carolina and lived in Houston, Texas. According to a BBC report, he moved to Minneapolis several years ago to find work. George worked as a security guard in a restaurant in Minneapolis and lived for five years paying rent at the same restaurant owner's house.

He was the father of a six-year-old daughter, who lives in Houston with her mother, Roxy Washington. George was known as 'Big Floyd'. George loved the city of Minneapolis. Floyd was an athlete who excelled, especially in school, in football and basketball. One of Floyd's former classmates, Donnell Cooper, stated that Floyd was of a quiet personality. He did not finish school altogether and began making music with a hip-hop group called Screwed Up Click. He settled in the city of Minneapolis after struggling for work in Houston. There he did two jobs, one driving a truck and the other as a security guard at the Latin American restaurant 'Kanga Latin Bistro'.

Where did the controversy start?

George Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a fake bill in a shop. According to the police, George was accused of trying to shop from a shop through a fake note of $ 20 (about Rs. 1500). Subsequently, a video went viral, in which a police officer was seen kneeling George Floyd's neck for eight minutes. In the video, George is saying that I can't breathe. Floyd later died of injuries. Police said George physically resisted the arrest, after which police used force. The news of Floyd's death spread like wildfire and demonstrations began in Minneapolis after May 25. The protesters demanded that the policemen should be arrested and a case of murder should be registered against them.

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