Importance of private vehicles increases due to Corona
Importance of private vehicles increases due to Corona

The role of private vehicles has become important due to the coronavirus epidemic, while people are keeping a distance from share transportation. Auto parts company Madarsan Sumi Systems Ltd. Chairman Vivek Chand Sehgal said this. He said that along with this, the thrill of 'electric' vehicles due to the epidemic was also getting clouded. He cited the example of countries like China, Japan and South Korea in this case.

Sehgal said that the demand for private vehicles in these countries has increased strongly following the removal of the curb caused by the Coronavirus. He expressed confidence that the future of the country's traditional automobile industry is bright. "One thing is clear that due to the Covid-19, the importance of private vehicles for daily use has increased," Sehgal told PTI. "Shared vehicles were once said to be the transport of the future, but now such a thing is no more."

"Demand for personal or private vehicles after the economies have opened up is quite strong," he said. "We have seen in China, demand has improved quite rapidly there." The same has happened in Japan and South Korea. Regarding the impact of the epidemic on the vehicle industry, Sehgal said, "I think things have become quite clear for at least the next two years." He added that in addition to this the future of the adventure will be electric cars. Replacing 1.4 billion cars at once in the world is a huge task.

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