Due to tomatoes, the farmer benefited by 7 lakh, took out the procession with joy

Mumbai: While farmers in Maharashtra's Vidarbha are upset over the falling prices of onions, a farmer, who is pleased with the tomato produce of Washim district, took out a procession of tomato vine. Rishikesh Gangavane, a farmer from Depul village, had sown the tomato crop in his one-and-a-half-acre field in the month of February. Due to this, the crop was very good, due to which the prices of tomatoes suddenly increased. In Washim, tomatoes started selling at Rs 90 to Rs 100 per kg.  

Farmer Rishikesh said that he has been sowing tomato crop for the last two years. But last year, due to excessive rainfall, they had to suffer a lot. But this time the tomato crop was good and the price was also good. Farmer Rishikesh says he had grown a tomato crop in one and a half acres of field. It cost Rs 1 lakh by combining food and other expenses. The farmer claimed to have earned Rs 8 lakh on his crop. In which he directly gained 7 lakh rupees.  

Pleased with the benefits of the tomato crop, Rishikesh kept a dry vine of tomatoes in a car and immersed it by taking out a procession with band-baje in the entire village. In general, farmers burn the dry vine of tomatoes or throw it somewhere. But Rishikesh immersed the dry vine of tomatoes in the water. Nashik, Pune, Satara, Ahmednagar, Nagpur, Sangli cities of Maharashtra have the highest yield of tomatoes. According to the agriculture department, the area of tomato cultivation in Maharashtra is about 29,190 hectares.

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