'Earlier father beat daughter fiercely, then himself took her to hospital,' know why?

Samastipur: In a shocking incident, a father brutally beat up his six-year-old daughter on suspicion of stealing money from Bihar's Samastipur. This broke her leg and also caused serious injuries on her body. The little girl was writhing in pain after being beaten. After realizing his mistake, the father took his daughter 41 kilometers to the hospital. The doctors of Sadar Hospital have referred the girl to DMCH for better treatment. In fact, a father named Mantun Rai got so angry at his daughter that he lost his temper and beat his daughter brutally after her six-year-old daughter stole money and went out of the house in Uttari Dhamaun village under the Patori police station area. Not only this but the child's leg was also broken.

However, when the girl started crying in pain in the house and the father's anger calmed down, he realized his mistake. Then the father took his daughter to the hospital in Patori for treatment. The doctors referred the girl to Sadar hospital as her condition was critical. The father drove 41 km to the Sadar Hospital to get his daughter treated. It so happened that when the doctors in Patori referred her to Sadar Hospital for better treatment, they demanded money for an ambulance to take her to Sadar Hospital.

In fact, Mantun Rai, who worked as a laborer in a cart, did not have that much money. Father Mantun Rai loaded a sack of wheat on a cart to get his daughter treated and then laid the injured daughter on it. Along with another son, he drove them 41 km to Sadar hospital. Where the doctor started the treatment of the child. Thereafter, she was referred to DMCH for better treatment. Social worker Krishna Kumar provided some financial help for better treatment of the victim girl. After which she was sent to DMCH Darbhanga by ambulance. In Sadar hospital, Mantun Rai was sitting near his daughter's bed. He realized his mistake and with folded hands narrates his painful story, telling that his wife had eloped with her children a few years ago with a boy named Ganesh from the village. Since then, he has been working as a laborer to feed a son and a daughter. There is no one to see these children except me. I cook in the morning and come back at night. One night when he returned home, he did not see his six-year-old daughter in the house and some money was also missing. Just at this, he got angry and beat her up. He realizes his mistake and won't do this never ever again.

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