Easy way to limit the effect of screen time on your eyes

Computers, laptops and mobile phones are becoming an integral part of our life. For performing different tasks we use these things regularly. In this latest work-from-home culture, It is not possible to avoid using these things. In the corporate world usually, the employee uses these things for hours without any break. The screen time of the student also increasing due to online classes and projects. Basically, we have to use these resources in order to do our daily work but it is also true that it is very harmful to our eyes and also causes several eye-related problems.

If you are not able to reduce your screen time but you are suffering from eye-related problems, scars, and headaches then these are some useful and easy steps and by following these steps you can get rid of these eye-related problems.

Use of screen glasses: Whether you are a corporate employee and use this gadget for 8 to 9 hours or you spend comparatively less time. It is very important to wear screen glasses while using these gadgets. These glasses are also known as Blue light blocking glasses as it blocks the harmful light that comes from the screen and protects our eyes from damage caused by the screen.

Blink your eyes: While doing different tasks on screen, we usually forget to blink our eyes which causes dryness, Headache and irritation. Moving and blinking your eyes also gives relief to your eyes.

Adjust your computer settings: Position your screen lower than your eye line, Use of big font size, adjust the brightness, use of LED flat screen and use various other screen settings in order to limit the effect of screen timing.

Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: After the interval of 20 minutes give your eyes a break by looking into the object which is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. As it helps your eyes to stay relaxed and moisturized.

Allow Distance: Keep your monitor screen 25 inches away. Make sure the position of the screen is slighted downward. As it is harder to see the things that are closer.

Limit using devices before bed: Do not use your device before sleeping. Try to avoid the use of devices for one hour before sleeping as it will affect your sleep.

You might have heard of two phrases, Health is wealth and work is worship. Therefore it is very important to keep a balance between health and work. Follow these tips, stay healthy and keep working.

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