e-Certificate for Covid 19 vaccine takers, WHO suggests

Dec 04 2020 06:08 PM
e-Certificate for Covid 19 vaccine takers, WHO suggests

The world is looking for the COVID-19 vaccines, which are being expected to be rolled out in a few days, the World Health Organization (WHO) comes with another worry about keeping a track of the coronavirus vaccine receivers. World Health Organization is now considering to introduce a electronic vaccination certificates to identify and monitor people who have received the vaccination.

"We are looking very closely into the use of technology in this Covid-19 response and one of them is how can we work with members states towards something called an e-vaccination certificate," said WHO Europe expert Siddhartha Datta. The announcement was made after UK decision to start using Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the general Public. This certificate will make it possible for the authorities to identify and monitor people who have been vaccinated. The complete details of the certificate have not yet been finalised and will be drawn in accordance with the national laws, Datta informed in a media briefing.

WHO has to make a final decision on this at the earliest as the European Union, too, is expected to announce their decision of approving the COVID-19 vaccine by December 29. "Whilst we are seeing a slight decrease in the number of cases in western Europe, this does not mean the entire WHO European region faces an improvement in the epidemiological situation," WHO Europe regional director Hans Kluge said. "The resurgence is moving eastward with the hardest-hit countries now in central and southern Europe," he added. Though vaccines are to be rolled out soon, hope of pandemic end soon, experts advise governments to "consider scaling-up the public health infrastructure and preparing for the next surge". 

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