'Ektarfa' tells the truth about obsessed love, says the director.
'Ektarfa' tells the truth about obsessed love, says the director.

After seeing social films like 'Padman' and 'Toilet ek Prem Katha' run the box office, 'Ektarfa' is another story spreading a social message. The director believes that the film talks about obsessed one-sided lovers.

Talking about the film's story and the social message it wants to spread, the director during the interview said, "Usually we see an obsessed lover goes to any lengths to get his love. And sometimes his love even becomes a victim to acid attacks. And usually in films we glamorize it by romanticize it. But we are not trying to show that.

Unlike regular films, our story tells the truth about obsessed lovers, and shows how bad it is for the youth. A movie should not romanticize such stories, the love should be from both the sides."

Every film with great content can be backed up with good music, Datta said he is happy with the music and thinks the youth will enjoy it. "We have tailor-made the music for youth that focuses on glamour and romance and will remain in their hearts. There are 3 songs in the film. A group song, a dance number and a romantic track.  I am personally happy with the songs, and I think when people will listen to it they will definitely enjoy the songs." Music is directed by sagar.

The film has new starcast that brings more focus to the story's content, said the director. "I think if your content is well presented you don't need a big star cast, and our actors in spite of being newcomers have done a commendable job to bring forth the story well."

The film writen by Chandan Verma and directed by Datta Mirkute stars Bhushan Patiyal, Sandeep Arora, Manisha Jain, Pramod Bhanushali, Prem Singh, Aruna Giri, Mrunalinee Senapati, Deepti Pande, Priya ramanandi, Arun Singh, Junaid Nafees and Rahul Bhise. 

Produced by Vinod Sagar and written by Sabha Verma Ektarfa is scheduled to release in July 2018.

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