This actor changed because of his elder daughter
This actor changed because of his elder daughter

Mark Wahlberg, known for his brilliant performances in films like 'The Fighter', 'The Departed' and 'Patriots Day', has expressed his opinion about his daughter. Actually, actor Mark credited his daughter for changing him and the actor also says that he is now more respectful to women than ever before. Actor Mark has four children from his wife Riya Durham. Ella 16 years old, Michael 14 years old, Brenden 11 years old and 10-year-old Fress.

According to a Vidhi media report, actor Wahlberg told a magazine, "Being a girl for my first child completely changed me. Some of my friends have only boys and their attitude is something like look at it or look at it. Give me some respect, she is also someone's daughter."

For your information, let us tell you that actor Mark also said that he wants his children to follow their passion.

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