Election in Andhra Pradesh to see fight over freebies
Election in Andhra Pradesh to see fight over freebies

VIJAYAWADA: Elections in Andhra Pradesh will be decided by freebies. The opposition Telugu Desam, which opposes the distribution of funds under the guise of charity, has shifted its stance as the ruling YSR Congress reiterates its welfare mantra to win over voters.

Chandrababu Naidu, the leader of the TD, has declared that, if put in charge, he will extend greater welfare aid to the populace than the current Jagan administration.

The Jagan Mohan Reddy government has emphasised its commitment to maintaining the welfare programmes in an implead petition to the Supreme Court in the giveaways case. The other parties also intend to entice voters with creative giveaways during the elections. Freebies will therefore be the primary issue in the elections of 2024.

By warning the populace that these benefits would be discontinued if the TD takes power, Chief Minister Jagan Reddy launched a negative campaign against Chandrababu Naidu, capitalising on his administration's immaculate implementation of welfare initiatives.

The Navaratnalu social programmes, which Jagan implemented in the first three years of his leadership over all odds, are now his key points of strength. Since Jagan took office, the effects of the Corona pandemic have dominated two of the three years. Even the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic situation did not stop him from putting these plans into action.

Almost every disadvantaged family benefits in some way from a state government programme. Since 2019, a total of Rs. 1.60 lakh crore has been continuously distributed to those who benefited from these programmes.

TD leader Naidu had accused Jagan of using public funds to buy Pappu-Bellalu (dal-jaggery), alleging that this caused people to become lethargic, drove AP into massive debt, and put the state in a condition similar to Sri Lanka.

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