Emraan Hashmi: I can never run away from my image of serial kisser

Emraan Hashmi is famous for his serial kisser image in B-town. From his first movie till the recent released, he is with his kisser image and also audience can't dissociate with this image. Even Emraan doesn't want to run away from this, said, "I am not running away from that image (serial kisser). But may be audience is finding it difficult to disassociate myself from that. They can't believe when we say it is a family film with my presence. It definitely is a problem."

Also added, "Once you have that stamp of serial kisser, you can waiver a little bit, experiment with different characters, but there is something that people love you for."

Emraan enjoyes playing grey shades in movie, "It is not just the kisses. It is the irreverent, immoral characters that I've played. The loveable negative characters which have grey shades, they are endearing. So that's what they associate with me."

Emraan doesn't feel shy in making love scenes and kissing and stated that,"I can never run away from that and now I choose not to. If it has to be there, it should be. I do it and get done with it. Because even if it is not there, there is a conversation about the kiss. So there is no running away from the kiss, I've realised that."

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