Encounter between police and cattle smugglers... accused shot on leg

Lucknow: An encounter has taken place between police and cattle smugglers in UP's Gorakhpur. Meanwhile, the police retaliated and in the police action, an animal smuggler was shot in the leg. The injured cattle smuggler has been taken into police custody and admitted to the district hospital for treatment. The case pertains to Sonbarsa under the Chauri Chaura police station area. A 315 bore pistol, two cartridges and two kiosks were also recovered from the accused.

Police said that the cattle smugglers of Jaunpur were loading 27 animals in a truck and going towards Bihar via four-line. On getting the information of the informer, the police of Chaurichaura and Crime Branch also tried to stop the smugglers near Sonbarsa market. On seeing the police, the cattle smugglers started firing from inside the truck. The police retaliated by defending themselves, in which a smuggler was shot in the leg. The police then arrested him.

The smuggler has been identified as 26-year-old Imran, a resident of Bisauni under Sarpatha police station in Jaunpur. Where it is revealed that Imran is a vicious crook from Jaunpur and smuggles cattle. Against whom many cases have also been registered. The police are also taking action in the entire case.

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