Business: Youth earning 16 lakhs every year after quitting Engineering

Kaushambi: It is said that if something is done diligently, success is definitely achieved but one should never give up. There is a similar story in the Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh. Prakhar Pratap Singh, who lives here, belongs to the farmer family. Prakhar's father cultivates and Prakhar completed his civil engineering studies in 2014. After completing his studies, Prakhar worked in different companies for nearly 4 years. He then returned to his village for family reasons. Here in 2019, he started fishing and is now doing a business of Rs. 16 lakhs annually with his work. Yes, you'll be surprised to hear but it's true.

Now, he is marketing in States like UP, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and he has also provided employment to 100 farmers. Prakhar says he has plenty of agricultural lands and has been cultivating for a long time. But the income in traditional farming was not going up much. Because of this, even after Prakhar did not want to, Dad got his engineering. So that he can earn well. Prakhar says, "After engineering in 2014, I had to struggle a lot for a job. At that time I did not know about the vacancy, so I went to many companies in Noida, somewhere I was driven out of the gate and there was no selection. A few months later, after a similar rush, I got a chance to work in a company.''

He further said, "Till 2018, I worked for different companies in UP, West Bengal, and Odisha. My mind didn't seem to be in the job, but I was working because of my responsibilities and father. Odisha and West Bengal are famous for fisheries. I often met fish breeders while working on the site here. Here I used to look at their work. Prakhar further said that this gradually brought to his mind the idea of fisheries as well. After that, he began to think about fisheries in his mind. He also told his father about it, but he scolded Prakhar and flatly refused.

Prakhar says, 'Dad didn't like me to be an engineer and follow fish. So my plan was also held, but in the meantime, some government officials came to the village and told dad about fisheries. He also briefed about government schemes. Dad then called me and told me what to do. He said I was already planning. I told Dad to build a pond. The pond was built. It also cost us a lot of money, but the first two years did not work. Dad followed the fish but suffered damage due to a lack of information. The villagers also joked that the agricultural land was made useless by making it a pond.''

Prakhar says he wanted to come to the village himself and work, but his father refused. Meanwhile, his sister's health deteriorated and she died a few days later. After all this, Prakhar left his job and returned to the village, and then started fishing by himself. Now Prakhar is earning very well. At present, they have their own two ponds where they rear 6 types of fish.

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