Enhanced Security Measures in Jharkhand for Muharram Celebrations
Enhanced Security Measures in Jharkhand for Muharram Celebrations

Jharkhand: In preparation for the Muharram processions scheduled for today, stringent security arrangements have been put in place in Jharkhand and other regions. The primary focus lies on avoiding any untoward incidents during the day-long events, as stated by the police. To ensure an effective surveillance system, the authorities have deployed drones and strategically positioned CCTV cameras throughout the state capital, Ranchi.

The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) of Ranchi, Kishore Kaushal, emphasized the significance of Muharram and the numerous processions held in the city. To preempt any unfavorable situation, extensive precautionary measures have been implemented, including a heavy deployment of police personnel in sensitive areas. The city has been divided into eight parts, with zonal magistrates and DSPs assigned to each sector for better security coverage.

Highlighting their vigilance against troublemakers, the police will utilize drones to monitor the situation closely. Additionally, districts like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Palamu, Bokaro, Giridih, Lohardaga, and Hazaribag, where clashes occurred during past Muharram events, have also received adequate security reinforcement, as per the state police headquarters' official release.

Organizers have identified specific routes for the Muharram processions in these districts and have been strictly instructed to adhere to these designated paths. Authorities have also been tasked with monitoring social media platforms to prevent the spread of any malicious rumors.

Overall, the comprehensive security measures aim to maintain order and ensure a safe environment for the Muharram celebrations in Jharkhand.

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