In this way, enjoy Fruit Chaat even in winter

What is surprising about a tangy fruit chaat is that it is perfect for any season. In winter, you can enjoy the delicious taste of fruit chaat, not only that but you can also enjoy the same fruits in summer in other ways. There is no doubt that fresh fruit chaat is liked by everyone around the world, yes fruit chaat is a dish that everyone likes. Not only that, chopped and fresh fruits get the real fun of chutney and fruit chaat along with chaat masala.

Fruit Chaat Recipe:-

1. Cut all the fruits and mix them all together and keep for at least 1 hour.

2. You can add all the fruits of your choice to make a fruit chaat.

3. If you are also adding banana in chaat, first peel and then cut the banana.

What to add?: Fruits like papaya, apple, banana, and black grapes are also beneficial for your health. Papaya contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which is extremely beneficial in fighting a variety of diseases.

Method: Wash all the fruits thoroughly, then cut all the fruits into one size, now mix all the fruits together, be careful not to use pineapple in fruit chaat, which can spoil the test. After adding all the fruits, just add green chutney, salt to taste, and chaat masala and mix well, keep it in the fridge for a while, eat it after about an hour...

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