Enjoy green ribbon salad in summer, here is recipe

Enjoy the taste of greenery in this summer season. . . .

Ingredients -  cucumber - three to four, chili flakes - half teaspoon, dry mint, and olive oil - half-half teaspoon, lemon juice - one teaspoon, honey - one teaspoon, poached peanut coarse - two tablespoons, Black and white salt - as per taste.

Method of preparation -  Peel the cucumber lengthwise with a peeled potato peeling knife, which will form its ribbon. Now let these cucumber ribbons remain in ice water for an hour and a half. To make the dressing, mix olive oil, lemon juice, honey, chili flakes, dry mint, black and white salt in a jar and mix well. Add this dressing to the ribbons. Serve the peanuts coarsely on the prepared green ribbon salad.

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