Entrepreneur Dileep Kumar Kandula Is A Workaholic & His Successful Ventures Are A Proof!

Dileep Kumar Kandula is a successful entrepreneur and one of the top influencers in India. He has shown the world that if a person is open to take risks, explore every opportunity that comes their way and want to try different things, they will get the desired results. He is someone who handles multiple ventures, a workaholic.

Talking about one of his biggest ventures - a milkshake company. Dileep Kumar Kandula is the founder of India’s largest growing Milk Shake franchise chain called Shake Stories. Many people enjoy the different flavors of milkshake produced by Shake Stories. As the name suggests, many people have some memorable stories to share as they sip on their favorite drink. 

Dileep Kumar Kandula is a social media influencer because he maintains a strong and striking personality on social media. A lot of people are fond of his work as a PR. He is the founder of CineBucket and works as PR for Tollywood films and celebrities. So far, Dileep has handled some big films along with managing some top Tollywood stars who are appreciative of his creativity and dedication. 

Up next, Dileep Kumar Kandula shows his humanitarian side. He is the founder and director of DooraDrushti foundation. It is a  government registered NGO that has been doing a good deed of helping underprivileged people for their medical and educational needs. Over the years, Dileep's NGO has gained recognition for their generosity, especially last year when the pandemic arised. 

Dileep Kumar Kandula says that he loves working. He always wanted to make an impact on people with his work. With milkshakes, he's providing a delicacy for consumers to enjoy. He's handling celebs and their films and making sure every fan knows about every update through social media and promotions. With his NGO, he's trying to make the world a better place. Dileep hopes that more and more people venture into social service and provide any big or small help to the needy.

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