ISIS entry in Jabalpur! Hindu girls targeted, target India to become 'Muslim nation' by 2050: NIA

Jabalpur: In 2022, the Bihar Police and the NIA busted the radical outfit Popular Front of India (PFI), which is working on making India an Islamic nation by 2047 and has spread from Kerala to Kashmir. To make this conspiracy successful, PFI had also made a complete plan on how to give arms training to Muslims, how to incite SC/ST and OBC against other Hindus, put their own people in the system and then capture power as soon as terrorists are organized and bring India under the Islamic flag. Similar revelations have been made in the interrogation of 16 suspects of terrorist organization Hizb ut Tahrir (HuT) arrested from Madhya Pradesh and Telangana, who were taking arms training in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. All these people were living among the public like ordinary people, some were engineers, some were professors.   The biggest surprise was that half of the 16 HuT terrorists were first Hindus, who were first converted to Islam by brainwashing and listening to the speeches of fugitive Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, and then the terrorists, these fundamentalists were given the task of converting other people too. By looking at these developments, you can understand how close terrorism has come to us and how big a threat is looming on India. After which a big terror module of Al Qaeda was caught from Gujarat, in which 4 Bangladeshi terrorists were arrested and now a big disclosure has been made about the conspiracies of Islamic State (ISIS) in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Looking at this, it can be said that terrorism has spread to every state of India, but, due to the strictness of the agencies, they are not able to succeed in their plans.

According to media reports, a shocking revelation has been made in a joint raid by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Pakistan's terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) has set a target of making India an Islamic nation by the year 2050 by creating a large network in India. For this, he has spread his network not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in other states and cities of the country. On Saturday (May 27), officials of Bhopal and Delhi have raided the house of lawyer A Usmani. During this time it has been revealed.  Officers and police teams of ATS and NIA had completely cordoned off this Muslim-dominated area and sealed the entire area and after that a massive raid was conducted. The accused is also accused of being involved in foreign funding. During the raid, the officials have also seized several disputed documents and incriminating literature and the papers that have been found. This shows the presence of the Pakistani organization ISIS. According to information received from intelligence sources, ISIS had spread its network in Jabalpur under the Ghazwa-e-Hind (Islam occupation of Hindustan) campaign.

According to the report, the NIA has raided the house of lawyer A Usmani. His son had taken over the command of ISIS and had set a target of making India an Islamic country by 2050. According to the intelligence officer, the son of advocate A Usmani was giving training to Muslim youth living in Jabalpur. Those youth were brainwashed and poisoned with Islamic terrorism and jihad. According to the report, these youth were given a total of 3 three-stage training. In this, mediums like WhatsApp and Facebook are also used through social media. Its nefarious motive of the organization was to form groups and connect more and more youth to the campaign.

Aim to promote love jihad and convert Hindu girls to Islam:

The purpose of this organization was to victimize Hindu girls by increasing love jihad. For this, good-looking youth were selected by ISIS. These young men used to trap Hindu girls in their love trap and also convert them, while some youths used to get Hindu girls pregnant and leave them. The mobiles of the accused Adil and other Muslim youths detained by the NIA have been seized. Pictures of his Hindu girlfriends have been found in everyone's phones. These photographs and tests show that most of the girls belonging to Jain and Brahmin communities were victimised. A banned SLR rifle and cartridges were recovered from Adil.

Let me tell you that, after an FIR filed in Delhi, the NIA team started this investigation and raided the case of terror funding and inciting youth, but what has come out after the raid He has raised a big question on the security of the country and the countrymen. In Jabalpur, this terrorist organization was working on the same lines as shown in the film The Kerala Story.   

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