Eram Faridi Reveals her life Story, not less then any dramatic Movie

1) Where did you born and Brought up? Things you love about your hometown?

 Born in 1988 at Kanpur city which is also known as Manchester of Business & famous for Leather, which is also our Family Business from the past 40 years. Kanpur is also famous for varieties of Food be it street to fine dine any food lover would like to try all the dishes. I have completed my schooling from Kumari udyan Vidyalaya & completed the graduation from AND College, Kanpur. After this I went from my higher studies to Pune, Maharashtra from where I did my Management Studies from HR & Marketing.

I am MD/ Founder of Rabiyaa International Pvt Ltd, also appointed as national secretary of Raajniti ki Paathshala, Vice President of Uprise India initiative, President of BEti Bachao Beti Padhao Maa Sheeladevi Trust (Mathura City), NCP (Sanghraalaya Vibhaag) Andheri West Taluka president (Mumbai- Northwest District)

2) Talking about family who all are there? Also What u wanted to become since childhood? 

My father (Lt. Aftab Faridi) passed away when I was just 2 years of age. My Mother Ms. Sultana Parveen was in Public Sector Job raised me and my elder sister Miss. Amrin Faridi. Since childhood I used to watch movies & was passionate about dancing & acting.

3) when did u thought of becoming and actor? If not an actor what would be your alternate profession? 

Inspired by Madhuri Dixit watching her acting, dancing, moves & expressions made me choose my career easily, which was Bollywood. If by any chance I couldn’t get a chance to perform in Bollywood then I would had been a Spy.

4) when we Talk about struggle period, how easy or difficult it was for you? 

Being from a Muslim background it was really hard for me to get where I am right now. As there were a lot of restrictions in our family & specially being a girl and also we didn’t had anyone in our entire family from entertainment background/ Industry.

5) what became the milestone & turning point of your career? 

I started my career in 2009. I have worked in different segments like quality analyst, technical executive, and others, but when it comes on turning point of my life It came in 2013 when I joined as an assistant of a reputed Member of Parliament and from there my life took a turning point. My way of thinking towards life, my goals and the way to achieve them were all clear since then.

6) whom you would like to give credit for this Success? 

Yet I have miles to achieve I have a different definition of success but if you ll ask me about my current successful life of course the credit will go to my mother who really worked hard to raise me, then Mr. Manish Sultania Sir who is my guru my mentor, Mr. Gomes, HN Sir who helped me to learn a lot and corrected me from my mistakes. 

7) your journey is very inspiring what you have learned from your life? 

Well life teaches new lessons every day to everyone but one thing which I learnt and helped me was before taking any decision we must think about the negative points first, the more we work on the negativity the more firm & consolidated actions we do and then the success will come to you, you don’t need to rush to success.

8) was there any phase of depression in your life? If yes how you overcame it? N what was the reason behind it? 

Getting depressed is common these days, what matters is to overcome out of it. Of course I also get depressed sometimes it happens when your friends became your haters. As I am here in a very early age doing things which others still dreams about and hence they back stabbed me on several occasions but where there is negativity there are positive energies too. Just look around and connect with the positive vibes, do your work and learn from your mistakes. That’s how you overcome with depression. At present also the haters calls me but I remain calm and speak to them with no hurt feeling.

9) how you keep yourself motivated and positive in difficult situations? 

Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to be positive & motivated but then I think about those people who are still struggling for their basic necessities and then I realize that god has blessed me with such wonderful life and that’s gives me power to work hard and keeps me motivated too. It is all about positive energy.

10) what is your dream project?

I am a huge fan of Mr Rajnikant who doesn’t need any introduction and hence my dream is to make a movie in which he ll be in the lead role

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