'Every Hindu is a Brahmin...', Now Hindu Raksha Dal responds to JNU's casteist slogans

New Delhi: There has been a ruckus in the School of International Studies of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) after reporting casteist remarks. The controversy did not stop yet and now at the main gate of JNU, the people of Hindu Raksha Dal have started a new controversy by writing 'Communists Bharat Chhodo'. The Hindu Raksha Dal has written this on the board located at the main gate of the university. It is also written that Communist = ISIS. That is, communists have also been compared to the terrorist organization Islamic State.  

According to the report, Hindu Raksha Dal president Pinky Chaudhary said that we are only and only Sanatani Hindus. We have four characters. Every Hindu has four characters. They told us to leave India, but we will get them out of India. On the question of adopting a path similar to his, Pinky Chaudhary said that they have been hiding after writing and we are standing in front after writing. We stand firm. We want to ask those who have the courage to come to us and discuss this. Hindu Raksha Dal activists have also threatened. They have said that we are finding out about the writers.

The Hindu Raksha Dal further said that we have respected everyone, but honor should not be taken undue advantage of. The reason for taking advantage of respect is that these people are writing nonsense about Hindus on the walls. They will leave India. People who do anti-India activities should leave India. If there is the biggest debt in the interest of India, it belongs to the Brahmin. That Brahmin, who is knowledgeable, is a scholar. Today, only the work of dividing the castes is being done. Every Hindu is knowledgeable. Every Hindu is a Brahmin. This should be kept in mind by all.

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