“Everything is fair in Islam”, 3 Muslim Men brutally rape a Pregnant Hindu Woman to attain 'Jannat'

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, four Muslim men are accused of drugging and gang-raping a six-month pregnant Dalit lady on the pretence of promising her a job. The accused allegedly ignored the girl's cries for mercy in favour of defending the rape by arguing that having sex with a Hindu woman will help them reach Jannat.

Recently, the victim went to the police to complain about the four suspects, Afzal Patel, Arbaaz Khan, Prince Syed, and Syed. The woman said in her complaint that the defendants drugged her food and, after she passed out, brought her to a residence in Vijayanagar where they raped her.

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The victim continued by saying that while she was still semi-conscious, she started pleading with the accused for mercy, but he disregarded her. Instead, the rapists mocked her and claimed that they would reach "Jannat" if they had sex with a Hindu woman. The accused made fun of the pregnant woman as she proceeded to defend her case while claiming that Islam is just religion.

The Indore police detained the four suspects in response to her accusation.

In the course of events, one of the defendants added the victim as a friend on Instagram in May of this year. The victim had shared her bio on social media while looking for work. When Arbaaz has seen her post, he went over to her. He pledged to find her work. They started corresponding on social media and developing a friendship.

The video was taken from Times Now twitter Handle.

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The victim was allegedly informed by Arbaaz that his pals Prince Syed and Afzal work as employment consultants. He assured her that he would put her in touch with them so they could help her get employment.

The victim, who lived in Indore's Ganesh Nagar, received a call from Arbaaz asking him to meet him at the Bhanwarkua crossroads. There was also Afzal in attendance. Afzal obtained the girl's phone number on the pretence of making her a résumé for her employment. Afzal texted the woman to let her know he liked her when she came home.

According to texts received from Arbaaz, “become my girlfriend. You fulfil my requirements, and I’ll satisfy yours. I’ll get you a job and make sure you make some additional money aside from your salary.” The cheap text message made the woman decide to keep her distance from Arbaaz and Afzal.

In August, a month after the incident, Prince Syed texted the victim to inform her of a job opening. She was seduced by his claims that the pay was excellent and she wouldn't even need to travel far because the workplace was close to her home.

Following that, Prince called the girl to Regal Square on September 14, 2022. When she got there, she was told to get into a car. Arbaaz, Afzal, and the driver, Syed, were already in the vehicle. The accused offered the victim water and samosas.

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The girl begged them to let her go but refused, and the accused had no pity. She was informed that they may achieve Jannat by having intercourse with a Hindu woman. The accused allegedly mocked her and retorted, "Everything is fair in Islam," when she tried to convince them by telling them she was six months pregnant.

The accused brutally raped the woman, threatened to kill her and her husband if she told anyone, and then fled the scene. Upon returning home, the terrified woman told her husband about her ordeal, and he urged her to report the incident to the Tukoganj police.

However, the problem is more than the life of just one girl being trampled. The whole question is about lakhs of girls falling prey to ‘Love Jihad’ across the country, it raises the question of Muslim youth destroying the life of Hindu girls for a mere fantasy of a good afterlife!  

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