Eyeliners: Create visually pleasing makeup looks with 3 hues whipped up at home.

Imagine if you could curate your own makeup products at home without having to worry about the pigments dwindling away with time.

Black eyeliner 


1 tbsp activated charcoal powder 

1 vitamin E capsule 

1 tbsp coconut oil 

1 tbsp aloe Vera gel

1 tbsp Shea butter (optional)


1. Pick up a mini bowl. 

2. Break open the capsule and pour the formula inside the bowl. 

3. Add coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Blend well. 

4. Take the charcoal powder and add it to the mixture. 

5. Melt shea butter in a double boiler/ microwave (Lends a smooth consistency)

6. Once it cools down, mix them all together with a toothpick. 

7. Now, transfer the eyeliner to a mini airtight container and refrigerate it. 

Brown eyeliner 


1 tbsp cocoa powder 

1 tbsp ghee 

1 tbsp coconut oil 

1 vitamin E capsule 


1. Heat the ghee and let it cool down. 

2. Pop open the capsule. 

3. Combine all the ingredients in a consecutive manner to form the eyeliner. 

4. Place it in a box and keep it refrigerated. 

Coloured eyeliner 


1 tbsp rose petal powder 

1 tbsp sweet almond oil 

1 tbsp aloe vera gel

1 vitamin E capsule 


1. To make the eyeliner, stir all the ingredients. 

2. Prick open the capsule. 

3. Get a clean box and let the eyeliner sit inside it. 

4. Keep it refrigerated and take it out before use. 

A bonus hack: 

Take 1 tbsp glitter eyeshadow pigment of your choice and blend it with a tbsp of coconut oil / sweet almond oil to make a shimmery eyeliner. Tip: Post application of eyeliner always seal it in by dabbing setting powder. 


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