Facebook removed 16000 groups for fake and misleading reviews

Now Facebook has taken strict action against fake and misleading contents. Recently, Facebook has removed 16,000 groups in the UK that were dealing in fake and misleading reviews on its platform. Let us share that the social network has also made further changes to its systems for identifying, removing and preventing such content on its social media platforms to ensure it is fulfilling its previous commitments, according to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Here it is needed to share that the move came after a CMA investigation found more evidence of misleading content. The agency said in a statement on Friday that “This latest action by the CMA follows reports that fake and misleading reviews continued to be bought and sold on the social media platforms,”. In January 2020, Facebook committed to better identify, investigate and remove groups and other pages where fake and misleading reviews were being traded, and prevent them from reappearing.

However, here it is needed to share that Facebook gave a similar pledge in relation to its Instagram.com business in May 2020, after the CMA had identified similar concerns. Andrea Coscelli, Chief Executive of the CMA, said that never before has online shopping been so important. Facebook has a duty to do all it can to stop the trading of such content on its platforms.

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