Facebook paid contractors to transcribe Messenger calls

Aug 14 2019 12:32 PM
Facebook paid contractors to transcribe Messenger calls

Facebook is once again questioning user privacy. According to a recent report, third-party employees (contractors) were listening to audio clips of users. Facebook, on the other hand, denied Bloomberg's report that it had stopped using humans to review the audio clip a week ago. However, Facebook admitted that it had initially hired some contractors to check on the Messenger app to see if the audio clip was being transcrated properly.

For your information, Facebook has been facilitating the conversion of voice clips to text since 2015. This feature remains by default off. Facebook said that only audio clips of users who had turned on the feature were reviewed by third-party contractors. According to Facebook's support page, if one of the chat users has kept the transcription on, the entire chat will be translated. It is not mentioned that audio clips of Facebook Messenger will be reviewed by humans. On the support page, it says, "Machine learning is used to convert voice to text. The more you use this feature, the better it will help you."

According to media reports, Facebook has already heard users' conversations using third parties on Google, Apple and Amazon. Google and Alexa were reviewing users' audio from their voice assistant products. While Amazon gives its users the option to use the service, Google is a little defensive in this regard. Google says it helps Google Assistant work in different languages.Apple's Talk company announced last week that it has stopped using third-party employees to listen to Siri configuration.

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