Facts Related to Facial; you must know about it that no one share these facts with you

Apr 17 2019 07:55 PM
Facts Related to Facial; you must know about it that no one share these facts with you

It takes time to shows result

It’s in general thinking that taking facial treatments once in a while is enough to keep the skin radiant and blemish-free. However, unfortunately, this is just a misconception. Facial don’t offer instant or overnight results, you have to undergo facial treatments regularly in order to see visible and long-lasting results. This situation is more or less similar to going to a fitness centre. Just like you can’t see your weight reduce, until and until you exercise regularly, you can’t obtain positive results if you don’t get facial treatments often, says an experienced esthetician.

Tell your medication history

You have to share your treatment history, If your skin is sensitive, you should let your esthetician know about it before undergoing a facial treatment. Generally, good beauty and skin care experts can easily understand your skin type even if you don’t tell them. However, if you are under any medication or your take certain kinds of medicines regularly, you need to tell it to your esthetician. That’s because medications can affect your skin type to a great extent. Even if your skin in not sensitive, the ingredients of certain medicines like birth control pills, anti-histamines, cardiac medicines and many more tend to influence your skin type and your skin might become sensitive. Therefore, it is highly recommended to tell your esthetician about your medical history or medications on your pre-facial consultation date. It will help your esthetician to provide you with a gentler treatment, if needed.

Right set of Lighting is Very Important

Most of the people when undergoing a relaxing facial treatment prefer the surrounding to be calm and quite with soft music, aroma and dim lights. Perhaps, you too want the same setting as you find it to be relaxing and healing. However, the reality is something opposite. According to the estheticians, a dim lit setting can adversely affect your skin. Therefore, good estheticians prefer a well-lit environment for offering facial treatments.

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Is an Event Around the Corner

There are a number of people who receive facial treatments immediately or one day before they go for a party or some other event. This is not at all a great idea. You should get a facial in advance say three or four days before an event. Immediate facial treatments can actually backfire the entire planning of yours with the signs of blotchiness and irritations. Dear reader, facial treatments might irritate your skin before showing their actual results. So, you should let your skin take its own time to get rejuvenated.

Good Products don’t Mean a Good Facial

According to skin care experts, the way you get your facial massage is more important than the products used for your facial. It’s the massage that leads to the drainage of waste products from your lymphatic system. Lack of nutrition, poor sleep and improper skincare make your lymphatic system get overloaded with toxins, resulting in puffy and dull skin. A relaxing massage can help you fight those effectively, not the usage of expensive creams and cosmetics.

Scheduled Facial and Waxing on the Same Day

If your answer is yes, then you should cancel it right away. It is quite understandable that scheduling facial and waxing on the same sitting is convenient for you. However, you should not do it. Most of the facial treatments include deep exfoliations and cleansing. It might irritate your freshly polished and waxed skin, as waxing leads to the exposure of a new layer of your skin. So, make sure to schedule these different skin care treatments on different dates.

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