Fashion photographer Anmol Garg aims to take his work on a global scale

There has been a shining glitter in the photography industry in the last few years. The last decade has witnessed a rise in the career of photography. Looking at the ever-growing demand, the profession of being a photographer has been one of the most lucrative career opportunities in today’s time. In this highly competitive market, various reputed names have built great fortunes as a photographer. Anmol Garg is one of the highly profound names who have left everyone in awe of his exceptional work.

The talented and dynamic man’s work ethos rightly speaks about his commendable work. Among many other fields, Anmol ought to make his career in the fashion industry. The celebrated photographer has so far worked with models, influencers, and actors; thus setting a bar with his breathtaking pictures. Beginning his career at a very tender age of 14, Anmol Garg was the youngest name in the game who went to achieve greater heights.

Originally from New Delhi, the photographer has worked in Mumbai for two years and was also in Bangalore for a year until he incorporated a venture of his own named ‘Top Studio’. His clientele includes some of the established names like Elli AvrRam, Lauren Gottlieb, Sana Khan, Kainath Arora, Lopamudra Raut, and Paras V Chhabra. Among all of his achievements, Anmol Garg’s remarkable feat has been his association with the Indian Cricket Team. “The feeling of working on a project with the Indian Cricket Team was a moment of pride that I can cherish forever”, reveals the photographer.

While Anmol has mastered the art of fashion photography like a pro, he still considers himself a learner. He says, “There are a lot of things that have changed in the last few years. Technological advancement perhaps remains the innovation that has been evolving.” Upgrading with the latest cameras and lens, Anmol Garg has got a long way to go. The 27-year old photographer’s longing dream has been to explore the best destinations of the world. Additionally, he wants to show the people a world through his lens and work with top-notch names from all over the world.

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