The father and son started running on the runway and then such a thing happened...
The father and son started running on the runway and then such a thing happened...

Many times you get lost in something that you do not care about the things around. One such incident came to the fore where a father and son became so engrossed in drinking in the bar of the airport that they could not hear the announcement of the flight. By the time they understood something, it was too late. Something similar happened that both of them started running on the runway carrying luggage. Let us also tell you what is its pea.

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Actually, this matter is related to the airport of Cagliari, Italy. Both British citizens were going to London. Both were to fly on easyJet's flight. easyJet has also confirmed the incident. Local officials said that if they did not get entry due to late arrival at the boarding gate, then they opened the emergency gate. However, both were arrested. At the same time, the local police has called the father-son's actions as stupid. Police said that on doing so at some other place, these people could also be shot.

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Also, according to news, a total penalty of Rs 3.4 lakh was also imposed on 65-year-old Antonio Loi and his 40-year-old son DJ Tony Loi. Antonino said that he only wanted to hold his plane. He is not a criminal. He also denied being drunk. But Airport Police Officer Mimmo Bari said that both were drinking alcohol at the bar and missed the announcement.

The same Tony Loi called his behavior bad and said to challenge the fine. He said that there was usually boarding from the first-floor gate, but this time he boarded from the lower gate. Seeing the policemen coming, they understood that they would tell the flight to stop on the radio and get an entry as an exception.

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