Popcorn was discovered 4000 years ago, used for this work
Popcorn was discovered 4000 years ago,  used for this work

Many people like to eat popcorn and if people go to see a movie then eating popcorn becomes mandatory. Today popcorn has become a worldwide identity, but you must be surprised to know that popcorn is eaten from nearly 4000 years ago. There is also a big story behind it, you will be surprised to hear about it. 4000 years ago popcorn was used for decoration work.

Let us tell you, the first men of the world used to eat popcorn. However, later Europeans living there also started eating it. The first popcorn roasting machine in the world was made 134 years ago in the year 1885. Let us tell you, this machine was made by Charles Crater, who lives in America. But let us tell you, at that time he was making a machine to roast peanuts, which later became a popcorn roasting machine. That is, a mistake made the popcorn machine.

Popcorn is said to have been discovered about 4000 years ago in New Mexico. Then it was found in a cave filled with bats, but at that time no one knew that it was also eaten. Then it was used for decorating. At that time ornaments were made from it.

According to a report, historian Andrew Smith writes that Charles Crater and his assistants took their popcorn roasting machine to the World Fair of 1893. There, both of them used to call people to taste popcorn and promised to give a bag with the machine for free. But today Charles Crater's company is the largest company to make popcorn in America.

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