China Man Builds Children’s Playhouse Out of 2,000 Packets of Instant Noodles
China Man Builds Children’s Playhouse Out of 2,000 Packets of Instant Noodles

Everyone loves noodles. You also use it for food. But a person in China has prepared something else by using it. You will be surprised to know that a person has made a house with noodles, which is also getting much praise on social media. The special thing is that this man who became a father has made a small house with the help of noodles. He has built this house to give gifts to the upcoming child.

Actually, a person named Zhang of China has prepared this unique house. After creating this playhouse, Zhang shared its pictures on social media. Ever since these pictures have gone viral, they have come in the headlines. Zhang said that he built this house with the help of a packet of expired 2000 noodles. That is, this special house has been made for giving gifts to your child.

There is also a bed in this house built in the area of four square meters. An adult person can also sleep comfortably on this bed. Lights are also installed in the house. Zhang has also made a window in this house. About this, Zhang said that a friend of mine is a wholesaler of noodles. He had a batch of expired noodles. He wanted to throw away the packets of these spoiled noodles, but I stopped him from doing so. I made this house with the help of these noodle packets.

At the same time, some people are praising this work of viral Zhang on social media for this artistry, while some people are also criticizing it. While criticizing some people said that if the child ate these expired noodles by mistake, then there can be a problem.

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