Woman prepares Maggi with milk, video enrages people. Some say 'worse than poison kheer'

Sep 16 2019 03:19 PM
Woman prepares Maggi with milk, video enrages people. Some say 'worse than poison kheer'

Maggi noodles have a special craze among food lovers in India. Maggi is liked by everyone. The test of its spice is very much liked. You may have made it in many ways but let us tell you, a woman used milk and made Maggi. After which people are very angry. Seeing this, many people have given reactions on social media, due to which people are angry.

Many people have called this recipe the most useless. She made sweet Maggi, not spicy Maggi. People are very upset to see this. This video is being shared on social media platforms. Let us tell you, in this video, the woman has told the method of making Maggi with milk.


She put milk in Maggi instead of water and made sweet Maggi. This video was posted on Twitter by a user, who has received more than 2 lakh views. You must have started hating it like some people hated this recipe. One user wrote- 'Now I will not be able to eat Maggi for a month.' Another user wrote- 'this is shit...'

Many such comments have been seen. In this video, she added dried rose petals and cream to Maggi besides milk. After which put the dish in a plate. One user recalled a scene from the film Suryavansham, writing - 'This Maggi is more dangerous than the poisoned kheer'. Now you think how dangerous it will be. Many people have also supported this dish. One user wrote- 'Those who like sweet will also like this dish of Maggi. Spectacular.'

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