Video: Like 3 Idiot's Virus, this girl can write with both hands
Video: Like 3 Idiot's Virus, this girl can write with both hands

Talent is hidden in every corner of the country, you get to see this talent somewhere. Just need to explore. Many times such people come in, who have so many qualities that you will be surprised. A 13-year-old girl is showing her talent on Social Media. Inspired by Bollywood blockbuster film 3 Idiots, 13-year-old Kavya Chavda of Raipur does perfect mirror writing with both hands. You must have seen in the film how actor Boman Irani writes with both hands. This girl can do likewise.

Let us tell you while talking to ANI about this talent, Kavya said, 'It takes a lot of concentration, I have been practising for mirror writing for the last three to four years. She said I do mirror writing even while writing. Kavya also told that I got its inspiration from the film 3 Idiots, in the film the virus is shown writing with two hands. Seeing that, she also started doing this". Kavya, who studies in class 7th, says that she can do the same type of mirror writing in both Hindi and English languages.

While the children of the 7th can write with one hand, this girl can write with both hands. Kavya told that first, she learned to write in English, after that she started writing in Hindi also. Further, Kavya said, 'I want to send a message to everyone that in today's era people are running behind learning English, while we should promote our language Hindi. Kavya further said that after completing her studies every day, she used to practice mirror writing. Meanwhile, Kavya's mother, Neha Chavda said, "I used to tell her to relax after studies but, she did not agree and kept practising. In only 6 months we came to know about her talent. , She wants to promote Hindi. "

At the same time, her parents are very proud of this work of the daughter. Kavya's father, Pritesh Chavda said, "We are proud that my daughter has such a unique talent. I support her words."

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