Cow chewed book in hostel of IIT Bombay
Cow chewed book in hostel of IIT Bombay

This incident from the hostel premises of IIT Bombay will put everyone in shock. There are many such news about IITs which are surprising and this time also some similar news has come. A cow came in IIT hostel number three. On seeing this, students were also surprised. Not only this, she entered a room and ate a few pages of a book.

This is not the first time a cow has entered a college or hostel. Even before this, this news has made headlines many times before. This time too, she came to the hostel room and chewed the book. A student told a newspaper- 'Cow entering the hostel is not a new thing. But this time the cow entered the room and tore the book. Not only cows but dogs also enter the campus. Especially in hostels. The institute should take a big step.

Apart from this, the officials questioned the authenticity of the viral photos and said- 'It cannot be confirmed that the photo is from the IIT Bombay Campus. The Animal Committee is working on a war footing to resolve human-animal conflicts. That is, the officials are not ready to accept this. He says, 'We have demanded to appoint guards to keep the cattle away from the campus. We will also give instructions to keep the cattle away from the hostel area. We need expert help. To keep the cattle away, the institute is in talks with the NGO to start work at the earliest".

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