Video: Leopard enters the house and then...

Sep 17 2019 01:53 PM
Video: Leopard enters the house and then...

Video of Leopard is often seen. During the rainy season, there are more reports that the animals of the forest have come down on the roads so that they themselves run away after saving their lives. Similar is now the news of a leopard. Leopards also injure people in attacks. But in the latest case, a similar video of leopard in Shivamogga district of Karnataka is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

In fact, a leopard suddenly entered a house in Shivamogga District in Karnataka late Saturday. During this, he made the dog of the landlord inside the house his victim. At the same time, news agency ANI has shared a video. In this video that went viral, you can see how the leopard is entering the house by climbing the wall. This whole matter is of the Thirthahalli area of Shivamogga district.

Leopard caught sight of the dog as soon as he entered the house. After which he stuffed the dog of the landlord and came out with it. Then ran away from the house after climbing the wall. This entire incident was captured in CCTV installed at home. Thankfully, Leopard did not find any humans. Otherwise, it was possible that they would harm humans.

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