FIFA 2018: FIFA World Cup raises beer consumption in Russia
FIFA 2018: FIFA World Cup raises beer consumption in Russia

In Russia, the matches of the FIFA World Cup has caught the eyes of everyone, its effect is clearly visible in Russia's pubs and bars. Because of the current World Cup is being played in Russia, beer consumption is increasing here. At the same time due to low supply of beer, all pubs, restaurants and bars are being affected.   

According to the news of ESPN, a mid-Moscow waiter said that we had never thought that they will have a scarcity of beer. Due to the growing demand for beer, it has become a problem in the restaurant and there is a lot of delay in supply than normal days. The supply of beer is delayed by around 24 hours, perhaps it is all summer and the impact of football pitches has increased its consumption.   

In the last few years, there is an increase in taxation in Russia and a strict law has reduced beer consumption. In such a scenario, restaurant owners did not realize that the consumption during the World Cup would be increased. The Russian unit of Casburg, Baltica said that there is a big risk of being affected during the FIFA World Cup, but this will not affect our business at all.  Although some have talked about the improvement of the supply of beer, while some have kept themselves separate from this case. In fact, in addition to superb football, beer has become a subject of tremendous discussion these days in Russia.

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