FIFA 2018: German team boycotts media
FIFA 2018: German team boycotts media

After the defeat by Mexico's team in the first match played at the group level in the FIFA World Cup, the current underachiever Germany boycotted the media. The German team will not be involved in any activity related to the media. Mexico defeated Germany 1-0 in a match played at Group-F last night. Former German captain Philipp Lahm at a press conference said that the World Cup winning team will train behind closed doors. This is a huge step taken by the German Football Association. 

"The DFB counts on dialogue, not on a boycott. Bridges between people must overcome the militancy of the powerful ones. A boycott would not make any difference. Instead, the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea demonstrated that sport can localize a conflict and bring people together," Grindel said as quoted by the Bild newspaper. 

Germany's next match will be held on Saturday at the group level with Sweden. On Tuesday, the team will practice regularly and after that, an evening they will go to the meeting. Meanwhile, Germany's newspaper has criticized its national team on the boycott of the media. This is the first time since 1982 that Germany had to face defeat in the first group match played in the FIFA World Cup. 

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