FIFA 2018: Uruguay enters the final 16 after 64 years
FIFA 2018: Uruguay enters the final 16 after 64 years

Louis Suarez made his 100th international match a memorable round here, where Uruguay defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0 and made it to the last 16 of the World Cup 2018. This is the second consecutive victory of Uruguay. He defeated Egypt in the first match by the same margin.  With this win, both teams, which reached the knockout from group 'A', have also been decided. The victory of Uruguay also gave the hosts Russia a place in the final 16. These two teams now have six-six points in two matches. The journey of Saudi Arabia and Egypt will stop in the League Cup in the World Cup. 

Suarez scored the important goal of the match in the 23rd minute of the game, which proved to be the final breakthrough. For the first 20 minutes, both the teams fought each other simultaneously, but Suarez scored the goal after Uruguay's eyes filled with enthusiasm.  Suarez has become the first player to score in the World Cup in Uruguay in the World Cup. In the match played in the Rostov Arena, Suarez scored this goal in the corner of Carlos Sanchez's corner.

Then the ball was out of reach of Saudi Arab goalkeeper Mohammad Al Owais. In this way, Suarez scored 52 goals in his 100th match. He also became the first player of Uruguay to score three World Cups. Two minutes later, Uruguay reached a position to double its edge.  Edison Kawani would move forward with the ball but he could not escape Saudi Arabian captain Osama Utsawi.

Saudi Arabia kept the ball in the middle area of the field but his striker failed again in the field of shots at the goal.   The defense of Uruguay proved to be very strong for him, who did not make his own goal and also secured his own box. At the beginning of the second half, no team started challenging each other. In the 62nd minute of the game, both teams appeared in action when Uruguay forwarded the ball through a free kick in their own half. There was no player to stop Kawani from the left edge. 

They also increased the good cross ahead but other players could not take advantage of this effort. Uruguay wanted to maintain its edge while Saudi Arabia wanted to strengthen the invasion by any means. His coach, Juan Antonio Pizzi, gave Mohammed al-Sahlawi a clear indication of taking off the field in the last ten minutes. But the chance to score was near Uruguay.  In the 88th minute of the game, proceed with carrying the Kawani ball. They had to go through the goalkeeper but they failed. Uruguay will now play Russia in their last match of the league stage on June 25, which will determine the team at the top with Group 'A'. 

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