From a Finance girl to a blogger and entrepreneur, this is how Rinku Chatlani made it big
From a Finance girl to a blogger and entrepreneur, this is how Rinku Chatlani made it big

It’s very rare that we see people actually take the plunge and do something they are really passionate about. Well, what better example than Rinku Chatlani, a 26 year old passionate girl from Bangalore, who left behind a stable job to turn her dreams into reality. After 3 years of sheer hard work, she has garnered over 68k followers on Instagram and is known for her fashion sense and lifestyle choices. Overwhelmed with the love being showered, she is now a well-known name in the fraternity.

Rinku’s blog  “The Chic Dust” interprets her style which is chic, comfortable and relatable as her own personal styling. Almost every outfit that she puts together is wearable, effortless and without a second thought, gives a street style vibe. She expresses how her love for makeup is endless but she generally tries to keep it subtle and neutral although she would love to experiment with loud makeup in the near future.

Rinku’s thumb rule of success is to think from her audience’ perspective and drive inspiration from little things around her. Whether it’s the outfits she’s putting out or makeup tutorials, she tries to cater to the majority. She also has a great understanding of digital marketing and social media, so she knew just exactly how to hit the spot. 

When asked about one major challenge she faced through her journey, she says, “I remember initially when I started off, I did not have a lot of supporters. Even my family and a lot of my friends questioned me multiple times on my career choices. It was difficult to convince my everyone into accepting my decision and now they’re glad that they did” 

This boss lady is also an entrepreneur. She owns an online store that goes by the name “Quirk Struck” and manages it all by herself. The brand is fun, young and quirky and offers items that include home decor, stationery and other lifestyle products.

On asking Rinku to share one tip for all the upcoming bloggers, she says, “
Be yourself! In terms of style, attitude, content just everything! It’s great to draw inspiration, but the content that you put out should represent your personality. There are challenges and there will be people who pull you down, but just know that you’re going to rise above it all. Be humble, work hard and nothing can stop you from shining like a star!”

Rinku is an inspiration to many with her dedication to achieve everything she dreams of. Her Instagram bio tells us that she’s definitely “living the dream” and we have no doubt about it.

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