finest hour! Government is selling cheap gold, this is how you will be able to buy

New Delhi: The stock market is falling. Fears of recession are deepening around the world. Investors are scared. Where to invest? In the midst of all this, there are many people in the country who do not want to take risk, they want to invest money in such a place, where investment is safe. For such individuals, the Sovereign gold bond scheme of the government is a great option. Investors are getting an opportunity to invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds amid the uproar in the stock market. The first sovereign gold bond series of the current financial year is open for investors, you can invest in it till June 24.

This time the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has fixed the price of gold subscription at Rs 5091 per gram. Like every time, this time also investors applying online will be given a discount of Rs 50 per gram on the fixed price of the bond. Meanwhile, the country's largest state-run bank State Bank of India has counted its 6 benefits for investors.

SBI counted these 6 advantages:-

1- Sovereign gold bonds will yield a return of at least 2.5 percent annually.
2- No Capital Gain Tax on Redemption will be applicable on withdrawal of money from Sovereign Gold Bond.
3- Provision of loan against Sovereign Gold Bond. You can take a loan from the bank on this.
4- Like physical gold, you do not have to bear the cost of keeping it in the locker.
5- After maturity, whenever you want, you can convert it into cash.
6- Like physical gold, making charges and GST do not have to be paid.

It is noteworthy that in the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, the price of gold is fixed by the Reserve Bank of India. In the form of bonds, you can invest a minimum of one gram and a maximum of four kilos in gold. Tax exemption is also available on this. There is no possibility of any kind of fraud and inaccuracy in Gold Bond. These bonds will mature after 8 years. It is clear that after 8 years, money can be withdrawn from it by redemption. Not only this, there is also an option to exit after 5 years.

How much gold can be bought:-

RBI issues Sovereign Gold Bonds on behalf of the Government of India. The investment in this bond is done in multiples of one gram, with the maximum limit being 500 grams in a year for an individual. On the other hand, Hindu joint families can buy bonds up to the maximum price of 4 kg of gold for one year. The upper limit of investment is 20 kg in case of Trust and similar units of the financial year.

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