Burning Turkey: Massive fire breaks out at 60 places in the country, loss everywhere

Ankara: Turkey is burning. People are constantly sharing frightening pictures and videos on social media with the hashtags 'Turkey Is Burning' and 'Pray For Turkey' regarding the fire of this country famous for tourism. According to the report, forest fires have broken out in 60 places in 30 districts of Turkey. So far 4 people have lost their lives due to this terrible wildfire. Thousands of people and tourists have been moved to safer places.



The smoke from the wildfire has filled the entire sky of Turkey. Firefighters at 20 locations in 6 provinces are constantly attempting to extinguish the fire. Turkey's Mediterranean area and the southern part are more affected by the fire. In the last 24 hours, strong winds have caused the fire to spread to 40 more places, which locals and administrations are trying to douse together. Agriculture and Forests Minister Bekir Pakdemirili said it would be foolish to say right now that we have controlled the fire. But our people and firefighters are constantly bravely facing this disaster. Those who are getting a chance are trying to douse the fire.

The fire has spread in the most severe way in the Manavgat and Akseki areas of Antalya province. An 82-year-old man and a couple died due to this fire. On Thursday, a 25-year-old volunteer caught fire in the Marmaris area, about 320 km from Antalya province. Due to which he died. This volunteer was feeding the firefighters by bringing water from his house. Then he was hit by a bike and he fell into the burning forest.

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