First Garbage Cafe Open In India, Will Be Able To Eat full Stuff For Garbage
First Garbage Cafe Open In India, Will Be Able To Eat full Stuff For Garbage

Plastics are being used around the world, causing great damage to nature. In view of this, plastic has been banned in many places. But with the same, another information has emerged which could be a positive step. The unsuspecting animals were dying because of the plastic-eating. The smart method of reuse of waste in India has been removed. In this way, the world will be good, and no poor will sleep without a roof and a hungry stomach. This is a very good move. Let's know about it.

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In fact, the first Garbage Cafe has started in Chhattisgarh, India. These have a good initiative of reusing plastic waste. The good thing is that the cafe will give a kilo of plastic waste to the person who eats enough food and enough snacks for 500 grams of plastic waste. This means that you can also fill your stomach. According to reports, the initiative is for the homeless and those who collect garbage for the day. The municipal corporation will provide food to the poor and homeless in lieu of plastic waste.

For details, a budget of Rs 5 lakh has been allocated for the Garbage Cafe scheme. After Indore, the second cleanest city after Indore will be re-used for the construction of roads in Ambikapur. The first such road in the state was built with asphalt of more than 8 lakh plastic bags, the strength of these roads is very high because the plastic does not absorb water.

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