First significant update for iOS and Android users of Telegram in 2023

USA: Popular messaging app Telegram has released a new update for iOS and Android devices, which is its first major release since 2023.

The update adds ten notable features, including "profile photo maker," "emoji categories," "full chat translation," "data usage," and "auto-saving incoming media." Users can take advantage of all the new features by downloading the latest version of Telegram.

Users can now instantly convert any sticker or animated emoji into a display image for their accounts, groups and channels on Telegram. Both premium and non-premium accounts are affected.

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Meanwhile, chat translation is only available to premium users. For one-to-one, groups or channels, it provides real-time translation of entire conversations or individual messages into the desired language. To translate the text, click on the "Translation Bar" button at the top.

The most recent update to Telegram has categorized emoji and stickers for different situations and moods. Simply select a category, press and hold an emoji or sticker to see its reaction before sending it, and then release the button.
With the most recent update to the platform, you can now use the built-in pie chart to check Wi-Fi or mobile usage. To reduce the amount of data used by the app, users can also change the auto-download settings.

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You can now choose the type and size of media to be saved to your gallery in Telegram. Additionally, you can decide whether to save media from channels, groups, or personal accounts.

Users can also create exceptions, in order to save exactly what they want. The new update also gives group administrators the ability to enable or disable different types of media that participants can send in a group conversation.

Telegram's annual premium subscription is 40% off. You'll pay $39.99 for the annual plan, which is $3.33 less per month than the current rate of $4.99.

The update also makes it possible for admins to grant bots access to accounts within groups so that the bot can act as an admin. The bot can be used to send pre-made greetings to group members by pressing specific buttons.

If you accidentally get logged out of Telegram, you can quickly log back in using your Apple ID or Google ID without the verification SMS code. The latest platform update also includes 10 new sets of personalized emoji, along with icons created specifically for profile pictures.

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Even new interactive emoji have been included for private conversations, which create a full-screen effect when tapped.

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