Popular Fitness Influencer And Weightlifter Arnold Vosloo Talks About His Biggest Dream In Life
Popular Fitness Influencer And Weightlifter Arnold Vosloo Talks About His Biggest Dream In Life

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to reach the top. Hard work and dedication are the key ingredients to be a successful name. Making his mark in the fitness industry, Arnold Vosloo is currently doing what he is best in. A fitness influencer, he discovered his passion for weightlifting after pursuing a degree in logistics. During his school and college, he played rugby on a professional level. He grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and is rightly considered as the ultimate male specimen in the fitness industry. He weighs 250 lbs and is 6 feet 2 inches tall. His macho look and huge personality is the most attractive thing about him.

After deciding to make his career in weightlifting, he did his first weightlifting show, WBFF SA show in 2015 as a muscle model. His sincerity gave him positive output and he achieved his pro card in the second show after which he was in the list of top 10 weightlifters in Las Vegas. After doing many WBFF shows, he reached till the 2nd position in the European championship and later moved to the IFBB Pro League. Talking about how he faces his competition, Arnold said, “I am not here to compete with others. My only focus is me and I just compete with myself.” We totally love his fighting spirit and the positive approach towards his work.

Ruling 2019 like a true champion, he won 3 shows including the Amateur Olympia in Spain. While speaking about his journey so far, Arnold said, “I felt a sense of belongingness to the iron. Weightlifting and bodybuilding became my passion. I never thought I would come this far.” He is currently aiming to reach the Olympia stage in Las Vegas which is the biggest dream of his life. His never give up attitude and desire to do the impossible is what makes him the best names in the fitness industry and we wish him tons of success for his future aspirations.

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