Chhattisgarh: Brother raped his 5-year-old sister and killed her

Jul 27 2020 02:17 PM
Chhattisgarh: Brother raped his 5-year-old sister and killed her

Raipur: In today's time, no one, child or elder, is safe. Now you must be thinking why should we tell that in this changing phase, news of some big incident comes to the fore every day. Due to which the fear in the heart and mind of the people is constantly increasing. A similar case has emerged from Chhattisgarh which has shaken the entire state. Here a minor raped his 5-year-old cousin and later killed her. This incident happened 2 days ago but it was reported on Sunday after the girl's body was found.

The boy threw the dead body of the girl near a waterfall in the forest of the village, this incident is being told of Rajpur village in the garden station area. The police in charge said that the accused was taken into custody and he was being questioned. The minor has said in interrogation that he had taken his cousin along with him to feed the cattle.

Meanwhile, the accused raped the girl and told the police that after killing the stone she had killed the sister and threw her body near the waterfall. After the murder, the minor reached his home but due to the girl not reaching home by evening, the family got upset and started looking for her. Together, that minor boy was also looking for the girl, but he did not tell the family about the incident. On Sunday morning the family lodged a complaint with the police, the police team reached the girl's house for questioning. When the minor was questioned, the police doubted his words and he said all the things in front of the police. After which the police found the dead body of the girl near the waterfall.

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