More than dozen people went missing due to floods in Japan
More than dozen people went missing due to floods in Japan

On 4th July due to heavy rains in South Japan, landslides and flooding conditions were created. More than a dozen people are missing in this natural disaster. Due to the sudden flood, many people were seen stuck on the roofs of houses. More than 75 thousand people were asked to evacuate the area in view of the overnight rains. Some people were found missing and trapped on the roofs of their houses.

After the torrential rains overnight, more than 75,000 residents in the southern provinces of Kumamoto and Kagoshima were asked to evacuate. Footage of the flood situation shown on NHK TV shows large portions of Kumamoto's Hitoyoshi submerged in rainwater from the Kuma River. Due to the flood, people had to face many problems. More than half of the vehicles have drowned in the floodwaters. Mud has penetrated into the houses and the trunk of trees uprooted in the floodwaters are seen. Many people were seen standing on the roof of the shop waiting to be evacuated themselves.

NHK said that about 13 people are missing. Kumamoto officials said they are assessing the damage. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has constituted the workforce and has committed to rescuing the missing people safely. The Japan Meteorological Agency had earlier issued warnings of heavy rain in many parts of Kumamoto but later lowered the level of this warning gradually. Kumamoto Governor Ikuo Kabashima said that he had requested help from 'Japan Self-Defense' forces. Rainfall in the Kuma River over a large area of Hitoyoshi Town, shown in NHK television footage, led to waterlogging. Many drowned to car windows. Now, this situation is gradually being controlled and people trapped here are being taken away from this area.

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