How to deal with static flyaway hair? Expert beauty tips to tame flyaway hair

Aug 18 2019 02:23 PM
How to deal with static flyaway hair? Expert beauty tips to tame flyaway hair

When you wash your hair and get out, it's often that the little hair stands up, spoiling your entire hair look. These are called fly-away hairs. This makes your hair scattered every time. Let's tell you a few tips if the same happens to you next.

If your hair is straight, or if you are straightening your hair with a straightener, some small hairs appear raised separately. You can use a very small amount of vaseline on it.

Do not dry hair with towels. Drying hair with towels breaks the hair and then looks more fly-away hair. Instead, use a soft cloth towel for hair drying after a shower.

After tying the hair, apply a little olive oil or almond oil from the top, and add the hair. Blow dryers are used in this way. It uses fly-away hair sets. Just dry and comb from top to bottom.

You should take a toothbrush and add a little hair spray to it. Brush the hair with this toothbrush. This will set the hair for a considerable hour. When applied this way, hair sprays will not make your hair sticky and keep them set for too long.

Dry hair can cause more broken and flying hair. In this case, use moisturizing shampoos. Apply hair masks once a week to soften your hair and keep the set.

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