Food Combinations You Should Forget About

Have you noticed that sometimes after eating, heaviness appears in the stomach? It turns out that it's not just a banal overeating. There are combinations of products that we are accustomed to since childhood, but they are harmful to our bodies. We tell you which food duets should be excluded from your diet. Another amazing combination you can test with your luck by winning casino VIP rewards. And do not forget to grab a plate of snacks! 

Yogurt With Kiwi Or Melon

Some gourmets love to complement yogurt with pieces of fresh fruit. But here's the problem. Not all fruits can be added to dairy products, otherwise, such enjoyment is fraught with consequences.

If you add kiwi to yogurt, then the enzymes contained in the fruit will contribute to the rapid decomposition of protein. Because of this, the taste of yogurt can become bitter. And if you decide to pour fresh melon with yogurt, then do not be surprised at the quick laxative effect. Nutritionists generally do not recommend combining melon with any products and using it only as an independent meal, or as a dessert. So do not abuse the fruit salads that are loved by many. Not always fruits can be successfully combined.

Coffee With Rye Bread

Avocado on rye bread or crispbread is a delicious and healthy breakfast. But coffee, in this case, makes it useless. Coffee contains a lot of natural antioxidants, so a cup of this drink interferes with the absorption of vitamins and minerals obtained from rye bread. The only way out is to use them separately from each other.

Cheese And Tomatoes

Most often, this combination of products is found in trendy salads or pizza. However, the tomatoes in this duet do not behave in the best way. They contain acid, which, when entering into a certain reaction with calcium. And there is a lot of calcium in cheese. It can lead to a large deposition of salts in the joints. Should you give up your favorite foods? No, but it is better not to abuse them and exclude them from the daily diet and eat them separately.

Meat With Potatoes

This duet has long become a classic, and for many, this is a familiar combination of homemade food for every day. The scale of the disaster is high: after all, even in cafes and restaurants, many people always order a side dish in the form of mashed potatoes or country-style potatoes for meat. It is better to get rid of this habit. Firstly, this combination of products prevents the absorption of nutrients. Secondly, a mix of potatoes and meat can cause discomfort in the stomach: bloating, gases, and others.

Protein foods require an acidic environment to digest, while starchy foods such as potatoes require an alkaline environment. This combination can lead to discomfort and discomfort from the digestive system.

Fruit With The Main Course

Any fruit is desirable to eat separately from the main dishes. For example, you should not eat watermelon immediately after dinner. Take a break for at least an hour. By themselves, fruits are digested very quickly. But once in the company of other products, they begin to roam and as a result, can damage the walls of the stomach. Therefore, no matter how much you want to eat an apple or a banana after the main meal, give up this idea and leave them for a snack.

Wine And Sweets

As a gift for wine, many people buy not only cheeses and olives, but also chocolates. It turned out that pairing wine with sweets is a tempting but bad idea. All carbohydrates that are contained in sweets, when combined with wine, will appear on the figure faster. After all, it is alcohol that promotes the production of insulin. 

Another reason why doctors recommend giving up this enduring but dangerous duo is hangovers. When wine and dessert enter the body at the same time, they begin to compete. The body first takes on the processing of sweets, since they have more energy value, and only after this voluminous work is taken for alcohol. Therefore, alcohol lingers in the human body, and in the morning the head usually hurts and other unpleasant symptoms appear. To avoid this, eat wine with good cheese, not chocolate.

Do not be upset if you regularly eat incongruous foods. Now, with the information received, you can rebuild the right nutrition system. All in your hands!

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