Food Trends to expect in 2021

Dec 29 2020 12:31 PM
Food Trends to expect in 2021

The list of food to be liked by the consumer expected by the Top chefs tops with the food made with local ingredients and mindful eating habits. Firstly, International dishes will have local ingredients. People will eat more local food and international food also will be inspired by local flavours called as Global Concept, like steamed yam and lettuce salad, baked savoury chow-chow Immunity booster, Coriander seed water and methi seed water. 

Egg-based Recipes with experimental flavours will become a big trend after Covid-19. Fermented tea, Kombucha is becoming very popular all over the world due to its tremendous health benefits.  People will also love to eat international dishes inspired by spices especially the local ingredients. Experts say Organic food to make a huge comeback. Plant-based food or organic food will continue to reign the food world. Fresh/live cooking in front of the guest where the guests can see how their food is being prepared and enjoy interactive dining will be in trend. Immunity boosting ingredients will still be a highlight and trending in 2021. Food alternatives like almond milk, soy milk or A2 cow milk, walnut butter, hazelnut butter and almond butter, quinoa or wild black rice will become more popular:

Consumption of less or no sugar and substitution with other products will be followed. More demand for home grown ingredients can be witnessed. Conscious eating, Eating local will be the Mantra. Home-cooked style food in Restaurants also witness huge demand. Plant-based foods, Millets, More veggies in desserts, Whole foods will be the choice in those restaurants. 

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