For this reason, Lord Vishnu took incarnate to Earth as Ram

Jun 12 2019 07:46 PM
For this reason, Lord Vishnu took incarnate to Earth as Ram

All of you will know that Devarshi Narada all know that he has been the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu. With this, one of the 17 Manas sons of Brahmaji, Narada Muni, was respected by all the Deity, Asura and Rishi because of their knowledge and intellect, and now today we will tell you about a narrative related to them that "Narada Ji was boasting on his austerity and then what Yes, how Lord Vishnu had broken his pride. "

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According to the narrative mythology, Devarshi Narada was once proud of the fact that Cupid was not able to dissolve his penance and celibacy. Devarshi Narada told this to Lord Shankar, Mahadev said not to say this to Lord Vishnu with so much pride. Even after Shiv's refusal, Narada Muni told this to Lord Vishnu. Then God understood that the ego in the Narada Muni has arrived. Vishnu planned to finish it. The Narada Muni proceeded to bow down to Lord Vishnu. On the way, Narada Muni appeared to have a beautiful building.

The Princess Swayam was being held there. Narada had reached the place and was fascinated by the Princess Vismohini there. It was all happening because of the Maya of Lord Vishnu. The beautiful form of the princess had dissolved the Narada Muni's austerity. The reason why he made up his mind to participate in this swayam. In his desire to get the princess, Narada his master Lord Vishnu and expressed his desire to have a beautiful form of him. Lord Vishnu also gave them the form according to the will of Narada. Narada did not know that there is an ape form of Lord Vishnu. As a Narada, he reached the self. He was so proud of himself that he did not see his face even once. Narada was convinced of the fact that the princess would varmala in her neck by looking at Hari.

But it did not happen that the princess left them to put wreaths in the neck of Lord Vishnu. Seeing the form of Narada, when all the people laughed at them, they went into the lake and saw their face, and they came to anger at Lord Vishnu. In the power of anger, Narada Ji cursed the Lord Vishnu and said that as I was distraught on the earth for the woman, you too would wander on the Earth by taking birth as a man and being disturbed by the separation of the woman, and your apes would help you at that time. But when God removed the effect of Maya, Narada Ji realised his mistake and immediately apologised to God. It was believed that Lord Vishnu had to be incarnate on the Earth as Ram and had to endure the separation of mother Sita and also to seek the help of the primates.

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